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Stewart of Reading


Noise Source 10MHZ-18GHZ
  346C Noise Source 10MHZ-26.5GHZ
355C Variable Attenuator 12dB 50 ohm DC-1GHZ 0.5W
  355E Attenuator DC-1GHZ 50ohm 0.5W
  355F Attenuator DC-1GHZ 500ohm 0.5W
  355D Variable Attenuator DC-1000MHZ 120dB
360C Low Pass Filter
  423A Crystal Detector
423B Crystal Detector
  448B Slotted Line Sweep Adaptor
  478A Power Sensor
774D Dual Directional Coupler 215-450MHZ 20dB
  778D Dual Directional Coupler 0.1-2GHZ
779D Directional Coupler 1.7-12.4GHZ
786D Directional Detector 960-2110MHZ
787D Directional Detector 1.9-4.1GHZ
798C Directional Coupler 3.7-8.3GHZ
903A Coaxial Termination
  908A Termination 50ohm
  909A Co-ax Termination APC
  8470A Crystal Detector BNC/APC
  8478B Power Sensor
8481 Power Sensor
8481A Power Sensor 10MHZ-18GHZ
8481D Power Sensor 10MHZ-18GHZ
8481H Power Sensor 10MHZ-18GHZ APC
8483A Power Sensor 100KHZ-2GHZ 750ohm with 50ohm adapter
8484A Power Sensor 10MHZ-18GHZ 0.1 nW to 10 microW
  8487D 50MHZ-50GHZ 100pW-10microW
8491A Attenuator 6dB
8491B Attenuator DC-4GHZ 10dB
8491C Attenuator DC-18GHZ 10dB
8491C Attenuator DC-18GHZ 20dB
8492A Coaxial Attenuator 6dB Unused
  8492A Coaxial Attenuator 10dB APC
8493A DC-12.4GHZ 3dB Unused
8493B Attenuator 20dB DC-18GHZ
8494A Variable Attenuator DC-4GHZ 11dB
  8494B Variable Attenuator DC-18GHZ 11dB Opt 003
8494G Variable Attenuator DC-4GHZ 11dB Programmable 1dB steps
  8495G Attenuator Programmable DC-4GHZ 70dB
8496A Variable Attenuator DC-4GHZ 110dB
8496G Variable Attenuator DC-4GHZ 110dB Programmable 10dB steps
8496H Variable Attenuator DC-18GHZ 110dB Programmable 10dB steps
  8761B RF Switch SPDT
  8768K (33365K) Multi Port Switch DC-26.5GHZ
  8769K (33366K) Multi Port Switch DC-26.5GHZ
  11095A Feed Thru Termination 600ohm
11512A Short
  11523A Load Restistor BNC Male to APC
11536A 50 ohm TEE
11549A Power Divider
  11566A Air Line 10cm APC
  11570A Accessory Kit
11581A Attenuator Set
11582A Attenuator Set
  11590A Bias Network 1-12.4GHZ
11590A OPT001 Bias Network 1-18 GHZ
11590B OPT001 Bias Network 1-18 GHZ
  11602B Transistor Fixture
  11606A Rotary Airline APC
11650A Network Analyser Accessory Kit
11664A Detector
  11664B Detector 0.01-26.5GHZ
  11664C Detector Adapter
11664E Detector 0.01-26.5GHZ
11665B Modulator
11666A Reflectometer Bridge
  11667A Power Splitter 18GHZ
11687A Adaptor 50 ohm-75ohm
  11691D Directional Coupler 2-18GHZ
  11693A Limiter
11708A Ref. Attenuator
  11722A Sensor Module 100KHZ-2.6GHZ
  11858A Transistor Fixture Adaptor
  11904B Adaptor SMA F to F
15530A Low Pass Filter 1MHZ
15550C Accessory Kit
16316A Convertor 100ohm Balanced / 50ohm Unbalanced
16442 Test Fixture
33001D Pin Adsorptive Modulator
33000D Pin Adsorptive Modulator
  33008D Pin Adsorptive Modulator
33124A Microwave Switch
33311 Co-Axial Switch 18GHZ
33311B Co-Axial Switch
33313C Co-Axial Switch 26.5GHZ
33320G DC-4GHZ 11dB Programmable Attenuator
33320H DC-18GHZ 11dB Programmable Attenuator
33321G DC-4GHZ 70dB Programmable Attenuator
33321H DC-18GHZ 70dB Programmable Attenuator
35678A Calibration Kit 50 ohm
  83018A Microwave Systems Amplifier 2-26.5GHZ
  84813A Peak Power Sensor 0.5-26.5GHZ
  84907K Attenuator DC-26.5GHZ 70dB
85021A Directional Bridge
  85024A Probe - High Frequency
  85025B Detector 0.01-26.5GHZ
  85025C Detector Adaptor
  85025E Detector 0.01-26.5GHZ
85027E Directional Bridge 10MHZ-26.5GHZ with adaptors 85027-60004/60005/60006
  85037B Precision Detector 0.01-26.5GHZ
  85052B Cal-Kit 3.5mm
85052D Calibration Kit 3.5mm
  85130B Adapter Kit 3.5mm-7mm
85620A Mass Memory Module
  85700A Memory Card 32K RAM
87301D Directional Coupler 1-40GHZ - 13dB
  H3382A Variable Attenuator 7.05 - 10GHZ
  P382 Variable Attenuator 12.4 - 18GHZ
  P752C Directional Coupler 12.4 - 18GHZ 10db
  R422A Crystal Detector
  R422C Crystal Detector Opt 002
  R442A Crystal Detector Opt 002
  U752C Directional Coupler 40-60GHZ 10dB Waveguide
  U752D Directional Coupler 40-60GHZ 20dB Waveguide
  X281A Co-Axial Waveguide Adaptor N(F) 8.2-12.4GHZ
  X424A Crystal Detecto
  X752C Directional Coupler 8.2-12.4GHZ 10dB Waveguide
27-BNF Termination 8GHZ-20W
230-412  Short
  367 BNM DC-12.4GHZ 40W DC
  367 NM 2-18GHZ 40W AVG
369 BNM Terminator 0.7-18GHZ - 175W
371 BNM Co-Axial Terminator
374 BNM Termination DC-18GHZ 20W
462B Integrated Thermocouple Power Monitor 10MHZ-12.4GHZ
757C Attenuator DC-12.4GHZ 10dB
766-10 Attenuator DC-4GHZ 20W
766-3 Attenuator DC-4GHZ 20W
766-F3 Attenuator 0-4GHZ 20W
768-10 DC-11GHZ 20W 10dB
768-20 DC-11GHZ 20W 20dB
773-10 Attenuator DC-6GHZ 10dB
792FM Attenuator 2-12.4GHZ 20dB
3000-10 Co-Axial Directional Coupler
  3000-30 Directional Coupler 0.225-0.460GHZ
3001-10 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 460-950MHZ
3001-30 Co-Axial Directional Coupler
3002-10 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 0.95-2GHZ 500W 10dB
3002-30 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 0.95-2GHZ 500W 30dB
3003-10 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 2-4GHZ
3003-20 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 2-4GHZ
3003-30 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 2-4 GHZ
3004-10 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 4-10GHZ
3004-20 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 4-10GHZ
3024 Bi Directional Co-Axial Coupler 4-8GHZ 21dB
3039-20 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 0.125-0.250GHZ
3042B-20 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 0.92-2.2GHZ
3043B-20 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 1.7-4.2GHZ
3044B-20 Co-Axial Directional Coupler 3.7-8.3GHZ
3045C-10 Directional Coupler 7-12.4GHZ
  3045C-20 Directional Coupler 7-12.4GHZ
3059-20 Directional Coupler 0.15-40MHZ
  3074 (5074) Precision Reflection Coupler 3.7-8.3GHZ
  3075 (5075) Precision Reflection Coupler 7-12.4GHZ
3080 Variable Probe Coupler
3092 Precision High Directivity Coupler 0.95-2.2GHZ
3095 Precision High Directivity Coupler 7-12.4GHZ
3096 Precision High Directivity Coupler 7-18GHZ
3202B-10 Directional Coupler 1-12.4GHZ 10dB
3292-2 Broadband High Directivity Coupler 1-18GHZ 13dB
3326-2 Power divider 6-18GHZ
  3456-2 Power Divider 2-18GHZ
40024 Attenuator 20dB 20W
4012C-10 1-2GHZ 10dB
4053-10 2.6-5.2GHZ - 10dB
4053-20 2.6-5.2GHZ - 20dB
423B Crystal Detector
4203-10 Directional Coupler 2-18GHZ
4245B-10 Coupler 4-12.4GHZ 50W 10dB
4245B-20 Coupler 4-12.4GHZ 50W 20db
  4503 Crystal Detector 0.01-18GHZ
4772-20 DC-6GHZ 20dB 2W
4772-40 Micropod Attenuator DC-6GHZ 40dB
4781-6 Attenuator 6dB
4781-10 Attenuator 10dB
5072 Precision Reflectometer Coupler 0.95-2.2 GHZ
5082 Precision High Directivity Bridge 2-18GHZ 0.5W
  5799 Attenuator 18GHZ 10dB
  5799 Attenuator 18GHZ 20dB
60583 Isolator SMA
773-30 DC-6GHZ 30dB
776B-20 DC-18GHZ 50W 20dB
8502 Attenuator 6dB
8502 Attenuator 10dB
  2200-332 Broadband High Directivity Coupler 1-18GHZ
2200/385 Power Divider
  2388 Active Probe 1GHZ
  54421-003j Direction Power Head 25-1000MHZ
6230 Detector
6230A Detector 10MHZ-20GHZ
  6237/1 Precision Coaxial to Waveguide Tranformers 12.4-18GHZ
  6240F Fault Locator
  6240M Fault Locator 10MHZ-20GHZ
6511 Power Head
  6512 Detector 10MHZ-20GHZ APC7
  6513 Power Head 0.01-26.5GHZ
  6514 Powerhead 26.5-40GHZ and 20dBM
6530/4 Attenuator DC-1.5GHZ
6534/1 Attenuator DC-18GHZ 3dB
6534/2 Attenuator DC-18GHZ 6dB
6534/3 Attenuator DC-18GHZ 10dB
6534/4 Attenuator 20dB
6535/4 Attenuator DC-18GHZ 20dB
  6536/4 0.5-1.5GHZ 20dB
6541 Power Sensor
  6581A 10MHZ-20GHZ Fault Locator Head
6910 Power Sensor 10MHZ-20GHZ
6912 Power Sensor 30KHZ-4.2GHZ
6913 Power Sensor 10MHZ-26.5GHZ
  6920 Power Sensor 10MHZ-20GHZ
  6923 Power Sensor 10MHZ-26.5GHZ
H38-0081-01 Feeder Continuity Monitor
H38-0094-01 Harmonic Filter & Isolator
TK2374 Zero Loss Probe Kit for TF2370/2371
  Directional Power Head 25-1000 MHZ for 2955/2965
TK2509 RF Transformer 75/50ohm 100Watt
6420 Power Head
6534/1 Attenuator
6534/4 Attenuator
59999-158 Autotester 10MHZ-18GHZ
  693-20 Coaxial Attenuator Fixed 30W 20dB
1415 Precision Reflection Set (M1404N/M1410-1.2/M1410-1.5/M1410-2.0)
  150T-31 Attenuator DC-18GHZ 0-31/1dB
  1515 Broadband Resistive Power Divider DC-18GHZ 1 Watt SMA
1579 Power Splitter DC-26.5 GHZ 50ohm 6dB
3200-2 Programmable Attenuator
40-10-43 Attenuator 10dB 150W 1.5GHZ
46-6-34 DC-18GHZ 25W
5848 Attenuator
6530.4 1.5GHZ 19.88dB
  6531-4 DC-3GHZ 20dB
  8210A-1 Programmable Attenuator Switch Controller
AS-4 Precision Attenuator Set
Model 1 Attenuator
22N50 Attenuator
34AS50 Adaptor
41V-S Precision Attenuator Set DC 60GHZ
58A50 SWR Bridge 2-18GHZ
  6N50 SWR Autotester 1-1500MHZ
66G50A VSWR Bridge 5-50MHZ 50 ohm
66G50V VSWR Bridge 200-400MHZ 50 ohm
560-7K50 Detector 10MHZ-40GHZ
560-7N50 RF Detector 10MHZ - 18.5GHZ +20 dBM
560-7S50 RF Detector 10MHZ - 18.5GHZ +20 dBM
560-97A50-1 SWR Auto tester 10MHZ-19GHZ 40dB
560-97F30-1 SWR Auto tester
560-97SF50 SWR Auto tester
560-98S50 SWR Auto tester
6400-71N50 RF Detector
  7N50 RF Detector 1-1500 MHZ
74N50 RF Detector (neg) 10MHZ-12.4GHZ
74S50 RF Detector
760-97A 50-1
K250 Bias Tee
RBD UHF Attenuator & Dummyload 0-600MHZ 20W 50 ohm
  100A-FFN-10 Attenuator 100W 10dB
  25-A-FFN 20 25 Watt 20dB
4B5 Power Sensor Thruline 50-125MHZ 5W
4B10 Power Sensor 50-125MHZ 10W
  50-A-FFN 20 50 Watt 20dB
8085 Termaline Coaxial Resistor 50ohm 50 Watt 3.5GHZ
8308-300N DC-2GHZ 75W 30dB
8340-200 50ohm 25W
8341-200 Coaxial Attenuator 40W 20dB 50ohm
100-SA-MFN-03 RF Co-axial Attenuator Bi-directional 100W 3dB 50 ohm DC-1GHZ
  Ailtech 7615 Noise Source 0.01-1.5GHZ
Ailtech 7616 Noise Source 1-12.4GHZ
  American Microwave Corp Mod. SW-218-4S 2-12GHZ
  Amplifier Research DC3001 Direction Copler 0.1 - 1000MHZ 40dB 50Watt
  Amplifier Research DC6000 400-1000MHZ 50dB 1500W
Anaren Balmixer 70340 2.6-5.2GHZ
  Anaren IH0568-3
  Anritsu ICN50 2MHZ-4GHZ
  Anritsu K241C Power plitter DC-40 GHZ
  Anritsu MP712A Power Sensor 18-26.5GHZ 22dBM Waveguide
  Anritsu MP713A Power Sensor 26.5-40GHZ Waveguide
  Anritsu MP715A Power Sensor 40-60GHZ Waveguide
  Anritsu MP716A Power Sensor 50-75GHZ Waveguide
  Anzac CH-132 1-1000 MHZ
  ARRA 5814-30
ARRA Inc 5843-10
  Aspen Elec (K&L Microwave Inc) 6LM10-XXX/XXX-0 Type 4
  Aspen Elec (K&L Microwave Inc) 6LM10-XXX/XXX-0 Type 2
  Aspen Elec (K&L Microwave Inc) 51Z10-XXX/XXX-0 Type
  Atlantec A7206
Avantek AMT 401x2-31 26.5-40GHZ
  Avantek DBX-72M
  Avantek UTC11-109M 10-500MHZ
  Avantek UTC 565-1 10-500MHZ
  Avantek VTD-4900
BNOS Electronics DL50-100 RF Termination 50ohm 100W
  Bradley 552
  Dexcel DXA 29462S
  Dorne & Margolin Inc DMH26-1 Coupler
  Dow-Key Microwave 441CJ-530822A 28V DC
  Eaton 7618E Noise Source 0.01 -18GHZ
Eaton 7660-139 Noise Generator 4.3-5.1GHZ 34.5 +/- 0.5dB
  EMC Solutions EWAD/4121
  Flann 16094-NF-10 Waveguide Adaptor 8.2-12.5GHZ
  Flann 17093-SF40 Waveguide Adaptor
  Flann 18093-SF40
Filtronics F10004
  General Microwave SP4T Switch Model M871
Gigatronic 80350A Peak Power Sensor 45MHZ-18GHZ
  Greenpar 50ohm Through Termination
Greenpar Power Divider 1W 50ohm
Hatfield 2105 Attenuator 100dB 50ohm 0-5W
  Hatfield 2135 Attenuator 600ohm
  Hatfield 2115 Attennuator 75ohm 0.5W 100dB
  Hatfield 687/G Attenuator 100dB 600ohm
  Hatfield 687/H Attenuator 100dB 600ohm
Hatfield MC290 Adaptor
  Hughes 45773H-1100 40-60GHZ 200ohm Waveguide
  Hughes 45776H-1100 75-110GHZ 200ohm Waveguide
Inter Continental TRL-25-660 Microwave Calibration Kit
  JFW Industries 50HF-006-25/18 2GHZ 6dB DC25W
  JFW Industries 600TA-001 BNC Attenuator 132dB
K&L Microwave Inc 6L250-3500-O/O
K&L Microwave Inc 6L340-275-OP/N
  Kay Attenuator DC-1.5GHZ 3W 132dB
  KDI Electornics DIG Attenuator DA-B94 250-500MHZ
  Krytar 1821 Directional Coupler 1-18GHZ
  MA AMPS AMI-7-9-30-30R
  MA AMPS AM51-7.8-8.5-37-43R
Magnetic AB L215D Noise Source 0.005-18GHZ SMA
  Maury Microwave 2610C 2-18GHZ
  Maury Microwave 2611G 2-18GHZ
  Maury Microwave 2611E 2-18GHZ
  MCL ZFSC2-2 Power Splitter 10-1000MHZ
  Merrimac ARM-1 FSCM 12457
  Merrimac CR10-50
  Merrimac PD20-10
Microcircuits 15542 ZFDC-20-5 Coupler
Microcircuits 15542 ZFBT-5G Bias Tee
Microcircuits 15542 ZFSC-2-2 Splitter
Microcircuits 15542 ZFM-2000 Mixer
Microcircuits 15542 ZFAS-2000 Switch
Microlab/FXR BK-8FF Band Pass Filter 4400-5000MHZ
Microlab/FXR CA-45N 1-2GHZ 3dB
Microlab/FXR CB-F49
Microlab/FXR CB-F50
  Micronetics NSI 2640W Noise Source
  Microwave Amp AM81-1.1-1.6RTS 3T Test Set
  Microwave Amp AM81-2-2.3RT3 3T Test Set
Midwest Microwave 292 6dB DC-8GHZ
Midwest Microwave 2055 Term
  Midwest Microwave 2533 Power Divider
Midwest Microwave 2582 Adapter N to SMA
Midwest Microwave 475 Attenuator 16dB 5W DC-6GHZ
Midwest Microwave 475 attenuator 20dB 5W DC-6GHZ
  Midwest Microwave 5014-20 Directional Coupler 7-12.4GHZ
Midwest Microwave CPL-10-SMA-79 Coupler
Midwest Microwave DCB-3524-10-NNN-02 Attenuator
Mini Circuits 11542 ZMSC-2-1 Splitter
  Mini Circuits 15542 ZFBT-6GW Power Splitter
  Mini Circuits 15542 ZFL-1000H
  Mini Circuits 15542 ZFDC-10-2 Coupler -10dB
  Mini Circuits 15542-ZFCS-2-4 Splitter
  Mini Circuits 15542 ZFSC-4-1 Splitter 1-1000MHZ 50ohm 4 way
Mini Circuits 15542 ZMDC-10-1 Splitter
  Mini Circuits BMP-50-75 Matching Pad Adaptor BNC-50-75ohm
  Mini Circuits BTRM BNC Termination DC-2000MHZ 50ohm
Mini Circuits UNAT DC 6GHZ (1x3dB; 1x6dB; 1x10dB)
Mini Circuits ZEL-0812LN
Mini Circuits ZEL-1724LN Low Noise Amplifier
Nore Microwave FIC 1500
Nore Microwave FIC 3061
Olektron O-HJ-10-8028 RF Power Divider 10 way
Olektron O-HJ-10-8029 RF Power Divider 10 way
  Omni Spectra 15179 Power Divider 8-18GHZ
  Omni Spectra 16179 Power Divider 12.4-18GHZ
Omni Spectra FSC 16179 1-12.4GHZ -10dB
  Pacific Measurements 13782 Detector 1MHZ-18GHZ
  Pacific Measurements 15177 Balanced Detector 1MHZ-18.5GHZ
  Pacific Measurements 15238 Detector Adaptor
  Panatec Ins 125D Noise Source 0.01-18GHZ
  Pascal AC701 Attenuator 50ohm 1W 100dB
  Pascal AC703 Attenuator 600ohm
Pascal AC706 Attenuator 100dB 1W 600ohm
Polyphase DGXZ-06NFNF-A 800MHZ-2500MHZ
  Radiall 563403 26V
  Radiall R575164 0-18GHZ 28V DC
Radio Astronomy Supplies 1420MHZ LNA (33dB Gain/0.34dB NF)
Reactel Inc 9HS-X1.8/12.75-S11 Filter
RYT Industries 201767
RYT Industries 201890
  SDI 4511-14
  Singer DM105A-T1
Suhner 6506-19A Termination DC-12GHZ 50ohm 6W
Suhner 6803-19-A Attenuator DC-18GHZ 3dB 50 ohm
  Suhner Attenuator DC-12.4GHZ 2W 20dB
  Tektronix 067-0503-00 Precision DC Divider
  Tektronix 067-0529-00 Cal Fixture 1000:1 Divider
Telonic 8122A Attenuator 0-10dB
Telonic TBP 146-21-6551
  Telonic THP 146-21-6551
Telonic TLA 50-5ABZ
Texscan RCB-3 Reflection Coefficient Bridge 1-18GHZ 13dB
Transco RF Switch 28V DC 18GHZ
Trilithic 8LM 100-3-KK
Trilithic HFP 5150/20-NF/NF 150W 20dB
Trilithic HPP 530/20 - NM/NF Load
Trilithic LC300-3-AB Filter
  Tyco Electronics DS-309 Power Divider 8 way
  Wainwright Inst WHLJ225/400SS
Watkins-Johnson WJ-5202-13 Medium Power Solid State Amplifier