Frequency Counters

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Beckman UC10A Universal Counter 120MHZ
  Black Star 1325 Counter Timer 1300MHZ
  Black Star 2400 Nova Counter/Timer 10HZ-2.4GHZ
Black Star Meteor 100 Counter 5HZ-100MHZ
  EIP 535 Microwave Counter 10HZ-18GHZ
  EIP 545A Microwave Counter 18GHZ Rear Input
EIP 545B   Microwave Counter 10HZ-20GHZ  
  EIP 575 Microwave Counter 10MHZ-18GHZ
  EIP 578B 26.5 GHZ Source Locking Opt 06
  AGILENT 53132A Universal Counter DC-225MHZ Opt 124 (12.4GHZ) and Opt 010
  HP 5315A Universal Counter with Input C 1GHZ HPIB
  HP 5316A Universal Counter with Input C 1GHZ
  HP 5316B Universal Counter 0-100MHZ HPIB
  HP 5316B Universal Counter with Input C 1GHZ HPIB
HP 5328A   Universal Counter 512MHZ, High Stab T/B  
HP 5328B   Universal Counter 100MHZ  
HP 5334A Universal Counter 2 channel 100MHZ 9 Digit
  HP 5334A Universal Counter 2 channel 1.3GHZ with DVM 9 Digit
  HP 5335A Universal Counter 200MHZ IEEE                
HP 5340A   Counter 10HZ-18GHZ Nixie Tubes/LED  
HP 5342A   Counter 18 GHZ  
HP 5347A   Counter/Power Meter 20GHZ  
HP 5350B Counter 20 GHZ  
HP 5351B   Counter 26GHZ  
HP 5384A Counter 225MHZ HPIB
HP 53131A

Universal Counter 3GHZ Opt. 001 oven unused  
HP  53131A Universal Counter 225MHZ Oven-In original boxes - Unused. (New Price 1600)
HP 53131A Universal Counter 225MHZ Opt 001 Used
  HP 53181A Universal Counter 225MHZ
  Isotech IUC 2175 Universal Counter 175MHZ
  Iwatsu SC 7204 Counter DC - 1.3GHZ
Leader LDC9043 Digital Counter 100MHZ
Marconi 2430A Frequency Meter 10HZ-80MHZ
Marconi 2431A   Counter 200MHZ  
Marconi 2435 Counter 10HZ-2GHZ  
Marconi 2437 Counter/Timer 100MHZ
Marconi 2440 Counter 20 GHZ  
  Pendulum CNT90 Timer Counter Analyser 20GHZ
Philips PM6613   Universal Counter 250MHZ  
Philips PM6652C   Programmable High Resolution Counter Timer 1.5GHZ  
Philips  PM6654C Programmable High Resolution Counter Timer 1.5GHZ  
Philips  PM6654 As Above 120MHZ  
  Philips PM6676 Universal Counter 1.5GHZ
  Philips PM6685 Universal Counter 300MHZ
  Philips PM6668 High Resolution Counter 1GHZ
  Philips PM6669 Universal Counter 120MHZ
Racal 1991 Counter/Timer 160MHZ 9 Digit
Racal  1992

Universal Counter/Timer 1.3GHZ  
Racal 1994   Universal Systems Counter 160MHZ  
Racal 1998 Counter 10HZ-1.3GHZ  
Racal 1999   Counter 10HZ-2.6GHZ  
Racal 2101 Counter 20GHZ LED Opts 55/10/04E  
  Racal 9500 Series Universal Counter/Timer 100MHZ
Racal 9904 Counter Timer 50MHZ
Racal 9906A Universal Counter 200MHZ
  Racal 9908 Universal Counter Timer 1GHZ
  Racal 9915 Frequency Meter 10HZ-520MHZ
Racal 9916 Counter 10HZ-520MHZ
Racal 9919   Counter 10HZ-1.1GHZ  
  Racal 9921 Counter 3GHZ
  Systron Donner 6054B 20HZ-24GHZ LED
  Systron Donner 6152 Counter 512MHZ Timer Nixie Tubes
  TTI TF810 Universal Counter 200MHZ