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3M 719   Grounding Tester  
3M PHOTODYNE 17XTA   Fibre Optic Power Meter - No Adaptor - No Info  
3M PHOTODYNE 19XT   Optical Attenuator - No Adaptor - No Info  
3M PHOTODYNE 19XT   Optical Attenuator - With Adaptor in Case  
ABB COMMANDER 1900   Recorder  
ABBOTT AM505/5-A   Input 100-300VDC/115-230V AC 47-440HZ  
ABBOTT W20A2.5-ER   Input 105-125V Output 20V DC 2.5A  
ABBOTT U10AS-15.7A   Input 105-125V AC 400HZ Output 15.7V DC 6.39a  
ABBOTT 11307PSU   Input 105-125V 400HZ Output 24V DC 2.5A  
ABBOTT 19592PSU   Input 105-125V 400HZ Output 12V DC 2.5A  
ADVANCE A1500   Input 110V/220V Output 28VDC 56A  
ADVANCE MG12-10C   Input 115-120/220-240 Volts Output 12V 10A  
AEI 3002   Velometer in Carrying Case  
AILTECH 13611   Precision Test Receiver  
AIRFLOW TA2   Anemometer/Thermometer  
AIRFLOW TA3000T   Analogue Meter  
AIRFLOW TA6000      
ANRITSU MD6401A   Data Transmission Analyser  
ANRITSU ME520A   Transmitter & Receiver  
ANRITSU ME522A   Transmitter & Receiver  
ANRITSU MN95A   Optical Variable Attenuator 0-50dB  
ANRITSU MN95B   Optical Variable Attenuator 0-50dB  
ANZAC CD50   500-1000 Hybrid 'N'  
ANZAC T-1000   10-1000 MHZ  
ALMA COMPONENTS LS2   Resistance Standard 10M ohm  
AMPLIFIER RESEARCH FP2031   0.5MHZ-1.5GHZ Electric  
ASTRO VG813   Digital Video Generator  
ASTRO VG823   Digital Video Generator  
AVO 2001   DMM  
AVO 8   MKII Multimeter  
AVO 9SX   Multimeter  
AVO BM8 MK2 Meggar 1000V in Case  
BAY     Lever Type Dial Test Indicator  
BECKMAN CT233   AC/DC Clamp Meter add on  
BECKMAN Tech3010   DMM  
BERCO     Type Sel 30ohm 2amp  
BERCO     Rheostat 50ohm 1.7A  
BICOTEST T625      
BLACK STAR JUPITER 500   Function Generator 0.1HZ-500KHZ  
BOONTON 42B   Microwatt Meter - No head  
BRADLEY 1671M Earth Bonding Tester  
BRADLEY CT471 Multimeter  
BULGIN EPSL 12/100PSU Input 100-120V 47-400HZ Output +/- 12V DC  
CAMBRIDGE   Dynamometer Ammeter in Wooden Box  
CAMBRIDGE     AC Test Set  
CAMBRIDGE AC-DC5   Decade Resistance Box  
CAMBRIDGE 43328   Precision Bridge  
CAMBRIDGE 44246   Vernier Potentiometer  
CAMBRIDGE 44248   Potentiometer  
CAMBRIDGE 44767   Precision voltage Ratio Box  
CAMBRDIGE L252711   Mutual Inductance  
CAMBRIDGE L412918   Capacitance Box 4 Decade  
CARNELQ LABS CL107-32   Rod Antenna Coupler 10KHZ-32MHZ  
CASELLA     Temperature Recorder  
CEL 281   Computing Noise Dose Meter  
CELESTION ROAD SERIES SPEAKERS   15" 300W 8ohm 22kgs Model R1520  
CELTEK     Microwave Monitor with Thermometer & Two Jugs  
CELTEK     Microwave Monitor   
CIRCUITMATE UC10   Universal Counter    
CIRRUS CRL254   Sound Level Meter with Calibrator in carrying case  
CLARE A203A   Flash Tester 2.5KV AC  
CLARE Q930301   2.5KV AC  
CLIMATE CI-550   Laser Particle Counter  
CODAN 5900   Ku-Band Convertor Opt 1N  
COLE T1007   Mains Check Set  
COLINE HV40B   High Voltage Probe 40KV  
COMARK 1242   Temperature Logger  
COMARK 3501   Thermometer - No Probe  
COMARK 6100   Thermometer  
COMARK 6200   Microprocessor Thermometer  
COMARK 6400   Thermometer - no probes  
COMARK 6600   Microprocessor Thermometer  
COMTEST 100DLX      
COMTROL     Rocket Port Serial Hub. Boxed, Unused  
COSSOR 431M   Cable Test Set  
COUTANT LA200.2   PSU 0-30V 0-2A  
CROYDON RBB5   Resistance Box 5 Decade  
CUSHMAN CE-15   Spectrum Monitor  
DATACOM     Textron Breakout Box  
DAWE 1400E   Sound Level Meter Transistor (old)  
DORAN     4 Decade Resistance Box  
DIGITRON 2751-K   Autoranging Digital Thermometer -50˚c - 1200˚c  
DI-LOG DL155   DMM  
DI-LOG RC24   RCCB Tester Unused  
DI-LOG RC24   RCCB Tester  
DOWTY GEM 396   115v 400HZ +/- 15V 500  
DOWTY GEM 501   115V +/- 15v 350  
DRANETZ 604A   Disturbance Simulator  
EATON PAV-4CR Phase Angle Voltmeter  
EDGECUMBE Model 30-A   AC Clamp Meter  
EIP 451   Counter Microwave 925MHZ-18GHZ  
ELECTROMAGNETIC SCIENCES 245-4A-380   Isolator 'N'  
ELECTRONIC VISUAL EV4020 Vector Monitor  
ELGENCO     Gaussian Noise Generator  
ERNST TURNER 102P   Moving Coil Meter with Shunt  
ERNST TURNER 1KV   Electrostatic Meter 3"  
ERSA ELP80   Desoldering gun  
ESS RC900   Environmental Stress System  
EUROTHERM     Chessell Recorder 4 Channel  
FARNELL DSG2   Sine/SQ Oscillator 0.1mHZ-110KHZ  
FARNELL L30C   0-10V 0-3A  
FARNELL L30D   0-30V 0-2A  
FARNELL LFM2   Sine/Sq Oscillator 1HZ-1MHZ  
FEEDBACK 600      
FEEDBACK TWG500   Variable Phase Function Generator  
FEEDBACK TWG504   Function Generator  
FLANN     Programmable/Rotary Attenuators - Various Models  
FLUKE 931AB   RMS Differential Voltmeter  
FLUKE 931B   Differential Voltmeter  
FLUKE 8000A   DMM  
FLUKE 8030A   Multimeter  
FLUKE 8600A   DMM  
FLUKE CO-210   Carbon Monoxide Probe Unused  
FLUKE i2000FLX   Flexible AC Current Probe Unused  
FLUKE Y8100   DC/AC Current Probe  
GEC 0-24A   0-24A Meter in Bakelite Case  
GENERAL RADIO 874-LK20L   Constant Impedance Adjustable Line 20cm  
GENRAD 1657   RLC Digibridge  
GLOBAL 5000   Counter-Timer Handheld  
GOULD 465   Digital Storage 100MHZ-200MS/S with Plotter. Good working order -
Plotter faulty in carrying case
GOULD J3   Oscillator Sine/Sq 10HZ-100KHZ  
GOULD PMG24-1.5A   1.5A 24v 1.5a  
GRESHAM GEM527   115V /- 5V 500  
GRESHAM GEM597   Dual Output +/- 12V 400MA  
GS LONDON M33411   Comparison Microscope  
HAMEG 8001   Main Frame    
HATFIELD 2905   6 Decade Resistance Box  
HATFIELD 2915   5 Decade Resistance Box  
HATFIELD 2925   Resistance Box 4  
HEATHKIT DC-1   Capacitance Box 3 Decade  
HEATHKIT DC-1U   Resistance Box 5 Decade  
HILGER & WATTS TA51-2   Autocollimator  
HOLADAY H1-3702   Clamp-on Current Meter with H1-4416 System Readout  
HH S500D   Professional Power Amplifier  
HH V200   Mosfet Audio Amplifier  
HP     400HZ Isolating Transformer 115V 400HZ  
HP 204      
HP 204D   Oscillator 5HZ-1.2MHZ  
HP 209A   Oscillaotr 4HZ-2MHZ  
HP 10269C   General Purpose Probe Interface  
HP 1122A   Probe Power Supply  
HP 1645A   Data Error Analyser  
HP 180A   Main Frame Only  
HP 180C   Main Frame Only  
HP 3320B   Frequency Synthesizer 0.01HZ-13MHZ  
HP 3325A   Synthesised Func Gen 21MHZ  
HP 3336A   Synthesised Level Gen 10HZ-21MHZ  
HP 3438A      
HP 3465B   Digital Voltmeter 4 Digit  
HP 3466      
HP 3764A   Digital Transmission Analyser  
HP 3776A   PCM Terminal Test Set  
HP 3780A   Pattern Gen/Error Detector  
HP 3784A   Digital Transmission Analyser  
HP 415E   SWR Meter  
HP 428B   Clip-on DC Milliamp Meter - no probe  
HP 432A   Power Meter  
HP 435A   No lead No head  
HP 436A   Power Meter - No Lead, No Head  
HP 448B   Slotted Line Sweep Adapter  
HP 4936A   Transmission Impairment Measuring Set  
HP 4951B   Protocal Analyser  
HP 4952A   Protocal Analyser  
HP 5005B   Signature Analyser  
HP 536A   Coaxial Frequency Meter 0.94-4.20GHZ  
HP 537A   Frequency Meter 3.7-12.4GHZ  
HP 547A   Current Tracer  
HP 59313a Analogue to Digital Convertor  
HP 7015A   Plotter  
HP 7440A   Plotter  
HP 7470A   Plotter HPIB  
HP 7470A   Plotter RS232  
HP 7475A   Plotter RS232  
HP 8405A   Accessory Kit  
HP 8414A   Polar Display  
HP 8414B   Polar Display  
HP 8478B   Thermister Mount for 431/432 Meters  
HP 8553B   Plug In 1KHZ-100MHZ  
HP H382A   Variable Attenuator Waveguide  
HP H532A   Frequency Meter 7.05-10GHZ Waveguide  
HP P382A   Variable Attenuator - Waveguide  
HP P532A   Frequency Meter 12.4-18GHZ Waveguide  
IE DOS 30-5   0-30V 0-5A PSU  
IM&G PRA1      
INT DATA SCIENCES 62BP   Breakout Box  
INTERFAKER 2000   Advanced Breakout (RS Stock No:- 200-238)  
IONISED 3M961   Air Blower  
ISOLATING 200W   Transformer  
JBC JT6040   Hot Air Flow Repair Station  
JVC     Colour Monitor  
K&L     Tunable Notch Filter 5TNF-200/400-N  
KAYMAR     Equipment Trolley with draw  
KEITHLEY 175   Autoranging Multimeter  
KENT/CHESSELL M105   Recorder  
KENWOOD VT121   AC Voltmeter  
KENWOOD VT121F   AC Voltmeter 500V-1.5mV  
KENWOOD VT171 AC Voltmeter  
KEUFFEL & ESSER 71-1115    
KiKUSUI ORC21 Programmable Oscillator  
KODAK CAROUSEL S-AV 1010 Projector  
KONIG UT200C   NF Universal Tester  
KROHN-HITE 3202R   Filter  
KROHN-HITE 6200B   Phase Meter  
KYORITSU 8104   AC Clamp Meter to be used with Multimeter  
KYORITSU     AC-Ammeter-Ohmmeter 300 AMP/600 Volts etc  
LAB GEAR CM6052   Pal Colour Bar Generator  
LANTEST     Remote Network Cable Tester  
LAWTRONICS ME5   UV Eprom Eraser  
LAWTRONIC ME30   Eprom Erasor  
LEADER LCG400-02   NTSC Pattern Generator  
  LE CROY 9109   Arbitary Function Generator  
  LEVELL CB410   Decade Capacitance Box  
LEVELL TG152DM   Oscillator 3HZ-300KHZ Sine/Square Output Meter  
LEVELL TG200DMP   RC Oscillator 1HZ-1MHZ Sine/Square  
LEVELL TM3B   AC Microvoltmeter 1HZ-3MHZ  
LEVITON     Infotest  
LOUGHBOROUGH PROJECTSLTDSeries 480 Telemetry Receiver
RS673-709   Machinery Moving System  
LYONS PG2B   Pulse Generator 10MHZ  
MACELECT PCI-3   Precision Current Indicator  
MAPLIN MF100   Multifunction counter 1GHZ  
MARCONI 6049/1   Frequency Meter 2.6-8.2GHZ 'N'  
MARCONI 6060   Wide Band Detector  
MARCONI 6460/1   Power Meter with head  
MARCONI 6950   RF Power Meter - No Head  
MARCONI 6960   RF Power Meter - No Head - Digital  
MARCONI 893A   AF Power Meter  
MARCONI 893B   AF Power Meter No Sinad  
MARCONI 893C   AF Power Meter No Sinad  
MARCONI CT410   Noise Generator  
MARCONI F1031-40   Circulator 950MHZ  
MARCONI TF1026/1   Frequency Meter 250-500MHZ in Wooden Box  
MARCONI TF1245 Circuit Magnification Meter with TF1246 & TF1247  
MARCONI TF144H-4 AM Signal Generator 10KHZ-72MHZ  
MARCONI TF2100 Oscillator 20HZ-20KHZ  
MARCONI TF2150 PSU 0-20V 0-1A  
MARCONI TF2163 UHF Attenuator DC-1GHZ 50 ohm  
MARCONI TF2331   Distortion Meter 20HZ-20KHZ  
MARCONI TF2331A Distrotion Meter 20HZ-20KHZ  
MARCONI TF2600B Millivoltmeter  
MARTEK POWER AW500D/12-A Input 103-127B 47-400HZ Output +/- 12V 2.08A  
MEGGAR BM6 500V in Carrying Case  
MEGGAR BR4 250V Wind Up  
METROHM     Digital Level Meter  
MITUTOYO No293-761   0-1"  
MODULAR TECHNOLOGY MT25-1V   Interfaker 4  
MUIRHEAD A-301-B   Attenuator T.Networt 600ohm  
MUIRHEAD A-411-G   Variable Air Condenser  
MUIRHEAD D-30-A   Test Set  
NARDA 8616   Electromatic Radiation Monitor with  8623D Isotropic Probe in carrying
NARDA 8616   Electromagnetic Radiation Monitor with 8621D and 8631  
NARDA 8716   Electromagnetic Monitor with Probe 8761  
NATIONAL PANASONIC VP4052A Counter 8 Digit 150MHZ Crystal Oscillator  
NEGRETTI & ZAMBRA     Baro Vacuum Gauge  
NICOLET 3091   Oscilloscope  
NORTH ATLANTIC 213   Phase Angle Voltmeter  
NUCLEAR RESEARCH SM200   Ion Chamber  
OHMITE     Decade-Range 6 decade 0.1% Res Box  
OLYMPUS 3001   Highlight  
OMEGA CMK2205   Micromate 500 Mains Conditioner  
OMEGA CMK2215   One AC Mains Conditioner  
PARASCOPE 64MP   Model PS7145  
PEAK SHOP MICRO 115205/A NSN Microscope 1 Divi=0.02 40x (Racal Radar Defence System)  
PHILIPS PM2518X   Multimeter  
PHILIPS PM5105   LF Generator 10HZ-100KHZ  
PHOTODYNE 33XLA   Chopped Light Multimeter  
PRD ELECTRONICS 815-B   Attenuation Calibrator  
PRIORSPEC G104   Fibre Optic Inspection Microscope  
PROCESSOR 521   Air Flow Measurement  
PULSTEK 233   Pulse Generator  
PYE     Scalamp Electrostatic Voltmeter 40KV TMS Max  
R&S SRU FEI   Vision Modulator  
RACAL 9009 Modulation Meter  
RACAL 9901   Universal Counter Timer 50MHZ  
RACAL 9902   Counter/Timer 50MHZ  
RACAL 9903   Universal Counter Timer 50MHZ  
RACAL 9905   Universal Counter Timer 200MHZ  
RACAL 9906 Counter 200MZH  
RACAL DANA 4002/A DMM 4 1/2 digit Bench  
RACAL DANA 9303   RF Level Meter - no head  
RAYCHEM CV1981   Thermogun Heavy duty. Heat gun with accessories, as new  
ROBIN 2701   Clamp Meter  
ROBIN 5307-5313   High Impedance DC Voltage  
ROBIN K3323 Insulation Tester Low Voltage 25/50/100V in Carrying Case with leads.  
ROBIN KA8113   Clamp Adaptor  
ROBIN L9010   Dissolved Oxygen  
ROBIN OM33   Digital Thermometer - no probe Unused  
ROBIN OM65   Digital L/C Meter. Handheld. Unused  
ROBIN     Kew Snap Clamp Meter 600 Amp - DC only  
ROCKWELL COLLINS DL8171 Talon Data Loader System  
ROTEX   High Current Adapter 100 Amp AC Output  
RS 604-501 Desolder tool  
RS C-MOS Logic Probe - Unused  
RUSTRAK     Testoterm for testing temperature  
SAMWELL & HUTTON 129   Attenuator  
SCALAMP     Electrostatic Voltmeter 12KV RMS Max  
SCHAFFNER NSG203A   Plug-in  
SEAWARD 610-641   Eversafe RCCB Tester  
SEAWARD Oscar 250      
SHIBASOKU 95D/2   PAL Colour Video Noise Meter  
SHIBASOKU CB54AX Colour Bar Generator - Professional  
SHIBASOKU RM20A   Vision-Sound IF Modulator  
SIMPSON 265   Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter - Unused  
SIMPSON 461-25   True RMS DMM Unused  
SOLA/HEV/-DUTY S31000R-5   Uninterruptible PSA  
SPM A2010   Shock Pulse Analyser  
STAG SE15   Eprom Eraser  
SULLIVAN     Triple Value Ratio Arm  
SULLIVAN     AC Test Set  
SULLIVAN     Inductance Type R1933 30mH  
SULLIVAN     Inductance Type R1903 3mH  
SULLIVAN GRIFFITHS     Inductance 10000uH  
SULLIVAN GRIFFITHS     Adjustable Inductance Standard  
SULLIVAN C500   Variable Air Condensor  
SULLIVAN C1802   Precision Mica Capacitor in Wooden Box  
SULLIVAN F9100   Ratio Transformer  
SWIRES RESEARCH & DEV SL85   Signal Level Meter  
TAYLOR TD20   V-ohm Meter  
TEKTRONIX 148   Insertion Test Signal Generator  
TEKTRONIX 284   Pulse Generator  
TEKTRONIX 521   PAL Vectorscope  
TEKTRONIX 528 Waveform Monitor  
TEKTRONIX 628      
TEKTRONIX 832   Data Comms Tester  
TEKTRONIX 1410   NTS Signal Generator  
TEKTRONIX 141A   PAL TV Test Signal Generator  
TEKTRONIX 520A   NTSC Vectorscope  
TEKTRONIX 521A PAL Vectorscope  
TEKTRONIX T912   Dual Trace Storage  
TEKTRONIX P6016   Current Probe  
TEK/SONY 318   Logic Analyser No Pods  
TELONIC TG9050   Attenuator 50ohm 82.5dB  
TELONIC TTR 315-3EE   Tunable Band Reject Filter 210-420MHZ  
TENMA 1503   DMM  
TERWIN Model 3-1125   Thermo-hygrograph  
    Test Weight for Conductive Earth Mats  
TEXCAN SVF750/1500 -5-50-AA Tunable Band Pass Filter  
TEXSCAN RA51   0-70dB in 10dB steps  
THANDAR TR200 LCD Frequency Meter 10MHZ-200MHZ Battery  
THANDAR TM351 DMM 3.5 digit Battery Bench  
THANDAR TM355 DMM 3.5 digit Battery. Could use an adaptor bench  
THERMAL CONTROL     Comparison Microscope  
THURLBY 1503   DMM 4 3/4 Digit  
THURLBY 1504   True RMS DMM 4 3/4 digit Bench  
THURLBY CM200   Capacitance Meter  
THURLBY THANDAR TA320S   Logic Analyser 32channel No Pods  
THURLEY EMC   Wooden Tripod  
TINSLEY 5   Digital Storage Adaptor  
TINSLEY 4190C   Standard Self Inductor  
TMK 700B   Multimeter. No Leads - Unused  
TONEOHM 700      
TOSHIBA 460CDT   Satellite Pro  
TRANSIT/FLIGHT CASE     On wheels -Heavy duty Aluminium Approx size 760x620x430mm  
TREND 110   Data Tester  
ULTRA ELECTRONICS SAM3   Single Axis Magnetometer  
UNAOHM EP730B   Panoramic TV Field Strength Meter  
UPLEC 436A/UEO/1   Tester  
UTL 3000   Clamp-on Multitester. Unused  
VAC     Compressor Regassing Kit  
VICOR V1-PU3L-1XY   Input 100-120/200-240V 3/1.A. Output 1-24V 3.1A 75W. Output 2-28V 1.8A 50W  
W&G OLP1   Power Meter Optical  
W&G OLA25   Optical Attenuator with adaptor in case  
W&G OLA25   Only  
W&G PSS-19   Level Generator  
W&G SPM11   Selective Level Gen with PSE11  
W&G SPM-15   Level Meter 50HZ-10MHZ  
W&G SPM-19   Level Meter 50HZ-25MHZ  
WAUGH     Oscilloscope Calibration 50ohm  
WAYNE KERR SR268   Source & Detector  
WAVETEK 132   VCG/Noise Generator  
WAVETEK 171 Syn Sig Gen 2MHZ sine/sq/tri etc  
WAVETEK DM5XL   Multimeter  
WEIR 460   PSU 0-60V 0-0.3A/0-20V 0-1A  
WELLER 6966E Hot Air Gun  
ZENITH CT.NO H018771 Aperative Ratios 400-100/5A