Signal Generators

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  Agilent E4420B 250KHZ-2GHZ Opt IEM
Agilent E4421B Signal Generator 250KHZ-3GHZ
  Agilent E4423B 250KHZ-1GHZ Opt UNB
Agilent/HP E4431B 250KHZ-2GHZ Digital Modulation
  Aglient 33250A Function/Arbitrary Generator 1uHZ-80MHZ
  Aglient 8645A Agile Signal Generator 0.26-1030MHZ
  Aglient 81101A Pulse Generator 50MHZ
  Aglient 81110A with 2 x 81111A Pulse/Pattern Generator 165MHZ
Agilent 83752B Synthesised Sweeper 0.01-20GHZ
  Fluke PM5420 TV Signal Generator
HP 11869A RF Plug In Adaptor for series HP8350
HP 214B Pulse Generator High Output 10HZ-10MHZ
HP 3310B Function Generator 0.0005-5MHZ
HP 3312A Function Generator 0.1HZ-13MHZ AM/FM Sweep/Tri/Burst etc
HP 33120A

Function Generator 100 microHZ-15MHZ used, no mouldings
HP 33120A Function Generator 100 microHZ-15MHZ Unused in original boxes
  HP 3314A Function Generator 1MHZ-20MHZ
HP 3324A Synthesised Sweep Function 21MHZ
HP 3325A Synthesised Function Generator 21MHZ
HP 3325B Synthesised Function Generator 21MHZ
HP 3335A Synthesised Level Gen. 200HZ-81MHZ
HP 3336C Synthesised Level Gen. 10HZ-21MHZ
HP ESG-D2000A (4431A)

Signal Generator - Digital Modulation 250KHZ-2GHZ - Opt UN3  
HP 8011A Pulse Generator 0.1HZ-20MHZ
  HP 8012B Pulse Generator 0-50MHZ
  HP 8081A Rate Generator 300MHZ
  HP 8082A Pulse Generator 250MHZ
HP 8110A Pulse Generator with 81103A/81106A
HP 8111A Pulse/Function Generator 20MHZ
HP 8112A Pulse Generator 50MHZ
  HP 8116A Pulse/Function Generator 50MHZ
HP 81104A Pulse/Pattern Generator 80MHZ
  HP 8340B 10MHZ-26.5GHZ Opts 005/006/007
HP 8341A Synthesised Sweep Generator 10MHZ - 20GHZ
  HP 8341B Synthesised Signal Generator 10MHZ-20GHZ
HP 8350B/A Main Frame only
  HP 83621B Synthesised Sweep Generator 10MHZ - 20GHZ
  HP 83623B Synthesised Sweep Generator 10MHZ - 20GHZ
  HP 83624A 2-20GHZ Opt 003/004/008
  HP 83711A 1-20GHZ Opt 1E1/1E8
HP 83711B Synthesised 1-20GHZ with Opt IE1 Attenuator
HP 83731A Synthesised 1-20GHZ Opt IEI / 102 / IE5
  HP 83731B Synthesised Signal Generator 1-20GHZ
  HP 83732A Synthesised Signal Generator 10MHZ-20GHZ
  HP 83732B Synthesised CW Generator 0.01-20GHZ
HP 8620C Main Frame Only
HP 8620C/B/A with any of the following plug-ins
HP 86222B Plug in 10MHZ-2.4GHZ
HP 86245A Plug in 5.9-12.4GHZ
HP 86250D Plug in 8-12.4GHZ
HP 86290A Plug in 2-18GHZ
  HP 8644A Synthesised Signal Generator 252KHZ-1030MHZ
  HP 8647A Synthesised Signal Generator 250MHZ-1000MHZ
HP 8656B Synthesised 0.1-990MHZ
HP 8657B Synthesised 100KHZ-2060MHZ
  HP 8657A Synthesised 100KHZ-1040MHZ
HP 8657D Synthesised Signal Generator 100KHZ-1040MHZ Digital Modulation
HP 8660C With 86603A & Modulation Plug in 1-2600MHZ
HP 8662A RF Generator 10KHZ - 1280MHZ
  HP 8663A Synthesised Signal Generator 100KHZ-2560MHZ
HP 86631B Auxiliary Section for 8660C
  HP 8671B Synthesised Signal Generator 2-18GHZ
HP 8672A 2-18GHZ
  HP 8673B Synthesised Signal Generator 2-26GHZ
  HP 8673D Synthesised Signal Generator 500MHZ-26GHZ
HP 8684D 5.4-18GHZ
HP 8904A Synthesized Function Generator 600KHZ
  Adret 730A 20HZ-180MHZ High Resolution
Adret 7200A Signal Generator 10HZ-1300MHZ
  Anritsu MG3691A Synthesised CW Generator 2-8.4GHZ
Black Star Orion Colour Bar Gen
  Black Star Jupitor 2000 Function Generator 0.2HZ-2MHZ
  EPSCO PGSKB Pulse Signal Generator 5236H/86
  Escort EFG3210 Function Generator 0.2HZ-2MHZ Sine/Square/Triangle/TTL/Sweep
  Exact 121 Sweep Function Generator 2MHZ
Farnell LF1 Sine/Sq Oscillator 10HZ-1MHZ
Farnell LFM4 Sine/Sq Oscillator 10HZ-1MHZ Low Distortion, TTL Output, Amptitude Meter
  Farnell PG102 Pulse Generator Dual Output
  Farnell PSG1000 Synthesised 10KHZ-1GHZ
  Farnell SSG2000 Synthesised Generator 10HZ-2GHZ
Farnell SSG2000N Synthesised 10HZ-2GHZ
Feedback FG601 Function Generator 0.001HZ-1MHZ
  Gigatronic 7100

Synthesised 10MHZ-20GHZ (internal sweep/mod -130 to +15dBM)
(New Price 32,000)
Gould J3B Sine/Sq Oscillator 10HZ-100KHZ Low Distortion
Hameg 8133-2 Programmable 1GHZ Synthesised Generator
  Kenwood AG203A Oscillator - Sine/Square 10HZ - 1MHZ
  Kenwood AG203D Oscillator - Sine/Square10HZ - 1MHZ
Kenwood SG5155 Programmable AM/FM 100KHZ-150MHZ
Kron-hite 5200A Sweep Function Generator 0.00003HZ-3MHZ
Leader LAG120B Sine/Sq Audio Generator 10HZ-1MHZ
Leader LSG221B Signal Generator 25-950MHZ
  Lyons PG73N Bipolar Pulse Generator
  Marconi 2017 Signal Generator 0.01-1024MHZ
  Marconi 2018 Signal Generator AM/FM 80KHZ-520MHZ
  Marconi 2018A Signal Generator AM/FM 80KHZ-520MHZ
Marconi 2019/A Synthesised AM/FM 80KHZ-1040MHZ
Marconi 2022

Synthesised AM/FM 10KHZ-1.01GHZ A/C/E
Marconi 2022D Synthesised 10KHZ-1GHZ
  IFR 2023A 9KHZ-1.2GHZ RS232/GPIB
Marconi 2024 9KHZ-2.4GHZ - HPIB used/unused
Marconi/IFR/Aeroflex 2025 9KHZ-2.51GHZ Opt 04 High Stab, Opt 11 High Power etc, As New
  Marconi 2026 Multisource Generator 10KHZ-2.4GHZ Options 01/04
  IFR 2026B Multisource Generator 10KHZ-2.4GHZ
Marconi 2030 10KHZ-1.35GHZ
Marconi 2031 Synthesised 10KHZ-2.7GHZ
  Marconi 2041 10KHZ-2.7GHZ IEEE
Marconi 6056B Signal Source 2-4GHZ
Marconi 6311 Programmable Sweep Generator 10MHZ-20GHZ
Marconi 6313 Synthesised Sweeper 10MHZ-26.5GHZ
Marconi Sanders 6055B Signal Source 850-2150MHZ
Marconi Sanders 6055C Signal Source 850-2000MHZ
Marconi Sanders 6057B/1 Signal Source 4-8GHZ
Marconi Sanders 6058B Signal Source 8-12.5GHZ
  Marconi Sanders 6070A Signal Source 400-1200MHZ
  Marconi TF2016A Signal Generator AM/FM 10KHZ-120MHZ
  Meguro MSG2560 AM/FM Signal Generator
  Metrix GX5000 Pulse Generator 50MHZ Programmable
  Microdot 29 High Power Oscillator 0-18MHZ  
  Panasonic VP8120A FM/AM Signal Generator 0.01-280MHZ  
  Panasonic VP8174A FM/AM - Stereo 0.1-110MHZ GPIB  
  Panasonic VP8175A FM/AM - Stereo 0.1-110MHZ  
  Nat/Panasonic VP8253A AM Stereo 200KHZ-2MHZ  
  Panasonic VP8300A Synthesised Signal Generator 0.1-2000MHZ  
  Panasonic VP8301A Synthesised Signal Generator 0.1-1040MHZ  
  Panasonic VP8401B TV Signal Generator NTSC/PAL/MONTSC
  Panasonic VP7635A FM Multiplex Signal Generator GPIB  
  Philips 5193 0.1mHZ-50MHZ Synthesised Function Generator  
  Philips 5514V Colour Bar Generator Video  
  Philips 5415TN Video & TV Signal Generator
  Philips PM5131 Function Generator 0.1HZ-2MHZ  
  Philips PM5132 0.1HZ-2MHZ Function Generator  
  Philips PM5133 Function Generator 10mHZ-2MHZ  
Philips PM5134   Function Generator 1mHZ-20MHZ  
Philips PM5191   Programmable Synthesised Function Generator 0.1MHZ-2.147MHZ  
Philips PM5190 Synthesised Function Generator 0.001HZ-2.147MHZ  
  Philips PM5324 Generator 100KHZ-110MHZ
  Philips PM5390 Programmable Sweep 0.1MHZ-1GHZ
  Philips PM5646 TV Test Signal Generator RF/Video/RGB
  Philips PM5503 Pattern Generator
Philips PM5515 Colour Bar Generator RF/Video/RGB
Phillips PM5518TX   Colour TV Pattern Generator  
Philips PM5519   Colour TV Pattern Generator  
Philips PM5715   Pulse Generator 1HZ-50MHZ  
Philips PM5771   Pulse Generator 1HZ-100MHZ  
Philips PM5786   Pulse Generator 1HZ-125MHZ  
Philips PM6456   Stereo Generator  
R&S APN62   Synthesised Function Generator 1HZ-260KHZ Balanced/unbalanced output LCD  
R&S SME   Signal Generator 5KHZ-1.5GHZ  
R&S SMGU   100KHZ-2160MHZ  
R&S SMR40   Signal Generator 10MHZ-40GHZ Opts B1/B3/B4/B5/B11/B14/B17  
Schlumberger 4431   Programmable Function Generator 20MHZ  
Schlumberger 4432   Function Generator 20MHZ  
Shibasoku VS12CX Video Sweep Generator NTSC/PAL
Shibasoku VS12DX Video Sweep Generator NTSC/PAL
Stanford DS345   Synthesised Function Generator 30MHZ  
Systron Donner 154-3   Pulse Generator 50MHZ  
  Tektronix TG2000 Signal Generator Platform
Tektronix TSG170A NTSC TV Generator
Thandar TG101 Function Generator 200KHZ  
Thandar TG102   Function Generator 0.2HZ-2MHZ  
Thandar TG2002   Sweep Function Generator 20MHZ  
Thandar TG420   Sweep/Function Generator 0.2HZ-20MHZ 1V-20V  
Thandar TG503   Pulse/Function Generator 5MHZ  
Thandar TGP110   0.1HZ-10MHZ Pulse Generator  
TTI TG1010   Programmable Function Generator DSS-10MHZ  
TTI TG210 Function Generator 0.002HZ-2MHZ TTL etc  (Kenwood Badged)  
TTI TG315   Function Generator 3MHZ  
TTI TGP 1010   Function Generator - Arbitary 0.1mHZ-10MHZ  
Wavetek 23   Synthesised Function Generator 12MHZ  
Wavetek 172A   Programmable Function Generator 0-0001HZ-13MHZ  
Wavetek 172B   Programmable Signal Source 0.0001HZ-13MHZ  
Wavetek 178   Programmable Waveform Synthesizer 1UHZ-50MHZ  
Wavetek 185   Lin/Log Sweep Generator 5MHZ  
Wavetek 278   Synthesised Function Generator 0.01HZ-12MHZ  
Wavetek 295   Synthesised Arbitrary Waveform Generator 50MHZ  
Wavetek 296   Synthesised Function Generator 50MHZ 2 Channel  
Wavetek 650   Variable Phase Synthesizer 2MHZ  
Wiltron 6620A   Programmable Sweep Generator 3.6-6.5  
Wiltron 6637A   Programmable Sweep Generator 2-18.6GHZ  
Wiltron 6647A   Sweeper 10MHZ-18.6GHZ  
Wiltron 6747A   Swept Freq Synthesiser 10MHZ - 20GHZ  
Wiltron 6769B Swept Frequency Synthesizer 10MHZ-40GHZ  
Wiltron 68169A   Synthesised Sweep Generator 10MHZ-40GHZ  
Wiltron 68247B   Synthesised Signal Generator 10MHZ-20GHZ