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Stewart of Reading

  7000 SERIES
TEKTRONIX 7104 1GHZ Main Frame with 7A29 & 7B10
  Main Frames
7603 4 Trace 100MHZ
  Plug-ins - Amplifiers
7A12 Dual Trace DC - 105MHZ
7A13 Differential Comparator DC - 105MHZ
7A16 Single Trace DC - 150MHZ
7A16A Single Trace DC - 225MHZ
7A18 Dual Trace DC - 75 MHZ
7A18A Dual Trace DC - 75 MHZ
7A19 Single Trace DC - 600 MHZ
7A24 Dual Trace DC - 400 MHZ
7A26 Dual Trace DC - 200 MHZ
7A29P Fully Programmable Plug-in for 7912B or D Digitisers
  Time Bases
7B10 Single Time Base - Delayed TB
7B50A Single Time Base
7B51 Single Time Base - Delaying Sweep
7B53A Dual Time Base - Sweep
7B80 Single Time Base - Delayed TB
7B85 Single Time Base - Delayed Sweep
7B90P Programmable Time Base
7B92 Dual Time Base - Delaying Sweep
7B92A Dual Time Base - Delaying Sweep
7S11 Single Channel Sampling Unit
7S12 TDR or General Purpose Sampler
  Sampling Heads
S2 Sampling Head DC - 4.6GHZ
S3A Sampling Head DC - 1GHZ
S4 Sampling Head DC - 18GHZ 25ps
S6 Sampling Head 30ps 50 ohm
S51 Sampling Head 18GHZ 10ps
S53 Sampling Head DC - 1GHZ 10mV
  Main Frames
TM501 One Wide
TM503 Three Wide
TM503 With SG503, TG501 and PG506
TM504 Four Wide
TM506 Six Wide
TM515 Five Wide
  AF501 Tunable Band Pass Filter 35KHZ
AM502 Differential Amplifier
AM503 Current Probe Amplifier
  DC501 Counter 100MHZ
  DC503 Universal Counter 100MHZ
  D503A Universal Counter 125MHZ
  D504 Counter Timer 80MHZ
  DC504A Counter Timer 10MHZ
DC509 Universal Counter Timer 135MHZ
DM501A DMM 4 digit
  DM502A DMM 3 digit True RMS Autoranging
FG501 Function Generator 0.001HZ-1MHZ
  FG502 Function Generator 11MHZ
  FG504 Sweep Function Generator 40MHZ
PG502 Pulse Generator 10HZ-250MHZ
  PG505 Pulse Generator 100KHZ High Voltage
PG506 Calibration Generator
  PG508 Pulse Generator 50MHZ
  PS501/1 Power Supply 0-20V 400mA
PS503A Power Supply 0 to +/- 20V 1A and +5V 1A
  SC501 Oscilloscope 5MHZ
SC502 Dual Trace 15MHZ Plug-in
SG502 Oscillator 5HZ-500KHZ
  SG503 Signal Generator 250KHZ-250MHZ
SG504 Signal Generator 245-1050MHZ
  SG504 Signal Generator 245-1050MHZ with Head
TG501 Time Mark Generator
  TM502A With AM503 and P6302 Probe
  TM502A With AM503B - No Probe
  TM502A With AM503B and P6302 Probe
  A6303 Current Probe